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Journal Entry: Sun Dec 18, 2016, 3:37 AM

"Curioos" art shop

I've been invited to the Curioos website, that sells wall art and nothing else. They offer a pretty impressive quality, and limited prints - I'm still working on that one, I wonder if anyone would be interested in having any. if you do, please let me know!
Find my shop here:

Rhoenoak: The Awakening published

I've been illustrating the Rhoenoak world of author John Enitsu's book trilogy for over a year. Now, the first book of the series is out on Amazon  just in time for Christmas. It's not an illustrated novel but the cover was done by me; you can find out more about the book on John's facebook page  and more art in my gallery.
Rhoenoak: Pat and Mylah by Ranarh Acruma frenzy by Ranarh
Rhoenoak: Caeperus forest river by Ranarh Golden forest by Ranarh

Genius Loci

As always, I am busy developing my fantasy world Genius Loci. You can find many artworks about its places, people, and legends here in my deviantArt gallery, and lots of writing and articles in my worldbuilding blog Starmaker's Gaze


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Current Residence: Northern Germany
Favourite style of art: digital - fantasy


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LordCorvell Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2016
Hello! I've been wondering for some time; what does magic look like in Genius Loci? What rules govern it, and what abilities can someone learn through its mastery? Is the magic conspicuous and direct, like Elder Scrolls or Dungeons and Dragons, or is it a more subtle and nuanced practice like Lord of the Rings? You've given us hints through speakers and the two types of magic-user and professions like the pendulors, but I'm very curious about magic in Genius Loci itself. Thanks for reading :]
Ranarh Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2016
GL magic is not Sword&Sorcery-flashy, it's indeed more like LotR, regarding the optics at least. No sparkly energies or light effects. Speakers construct spells upon casting, so it's not a set spells list, but made to fit the occasion (although mages do crave reliability and will always prefer using a spell from the Book of Magic instead of creating a new one).
Regarding abilities: there's little you can't do with speechcraft, but it's energy-intensive, and actually so hard to cast mini spells that comfort effects are out of the question except for grand masters. Most things can be achieved in many ways - invisibility for example can mean people ignore you, make you see-through, or make people forget you instantly. It matters how you mean a spell, especially wizard spells rely on the caster's intent. Importantly, magic is a science. You can't accidentally do anything. Also, speakers are not seen as "chosen" is any way, although cultures interpret their abilities differently.
Other than most settings, in GL it's possible to become a speaker later in life (and wear platemail as a mage/wizard. I do love the Elder Scrolls for making everyone a mage, though). The energy of the Fifth Power is a universal energy, like warmth, that anyone has inside; speakers just have a big surplus of it.
I hope this anwers some questions? I'll see about detailed articles on Starmaker's Gaze to shed more light on the fine details, so if you have more questions, shoot! And thanks for taking an interest :)
LordCorvell Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2016
Oh thank you, that's very interesting! I like the way you used a magic system comparable to Eragon's (an amateur book but a fun read back in the day :]) where spells are not "you've learned telekinesis!" but rather "oh, that makes -a- telekinesis effect". That's a fun way of doing it and leaves a lot open. 

What sort of things can someone NOT do? And you mentioned you can't do something on accident: I feel like science involves happy (and dangerous) accidents all the time, does this not happen? For example, someone trying to figure out how to be invisible accidentally discovers how to cause temporary blindness instead... Does it simply not work in that case, or can unforseen effects happen?

Anyway that was a lovely reply, thank you! Your world is of significant inspiration to me, it has a lot in common with the worlds I had been drawing inspiration from prior to discovering Genius Loci, so I love hearing anything I can about it :]
Ranarh Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2016
I guess Eragon could be a comparison - but there's no magical language in GL. Indeed, you do things "a way", not cast a spell. I also like/use the "spell college" approach like Elder Scrolls and so many RPGs take. If I should get "scientific", wizards use a path system with few governing skills used creatively to invent spells that aren't so predictable; mages have a rune-like system where some from a set of words are connected, and can be fine-tuned to produce a certain effect, strength, duration etc.
Speechcraft can't: raise the dead or manipulate time. There are no demons or alternate worlds in the setting, so that doesn't work either. And shapeshifting and weather control are illegal.
Accidental spells are something that A LOT of settings use to discover someone's a mage. Speakers are easily noticeable by the way they handle language - two-year-olds formulating complex sentences are hard to miss. They don't set the house on fire or boas on their cousins. Of course discoveries are made on spells gone wrong, though. Imagine it like rocket engineering. Unless you study it, you can't fly to the moon, regardless of your intuitive understanding of the underlying principles. However, the Free Flow, an ability all speakers have, can really produce any effect and the caster just serves as the powerplant (dangerous, illegal, stupid).

Thanks! I do love my world and could talk about it forever :) There's so much more to say about a million things, like languages and magic, predictability of spells, non-speaker abilites...
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jak-fanatic Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the llama!
Ranarh Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2016
You are welcome!
RokasR Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Hi there! Thanks for the llama :la:
Ranarh Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2016
You are welcome :nod:
DecorativeDoodle Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You draw all these by hand????? I am just stunned..How can someone draw so well.I love scenery drawings and I am very very glad to be your watcher and friend..You are superb talented!!
Oh!! I talk very much..I am Neily/doodle..I have newly joined here 5 days ago..Advance welcome you to my new gallery too friend!!
Ranarh Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2016
Welcome to the site then! :wave:
I'm happy you like my work. :thanks:
Yes, I really do draw all these by hand :)
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